Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's In Atlantic City!!!

What a GREAT last few days in Atlantic City. Malibubarbie41 and I arrived in A.C. @ 11:00AM Thursday morning. We or should I say Barbie41 went straight to the High Roller Slots in hopes of hitting it BIG!!! I tagged along because I like to see how how a BIG TIME BALLA Rolls. When I watch her continuously hitting the max bet button on a high limit slot for $50 a spin it just makes me sick to my stomach. That's just how she does it and by her doing so it allows us to fly, stay, eat & drink for free every time we go to any Harrah's property. That's always a plus. I decided to not play any live poker on New Year's Eve and just spend some much needed QT(Quality Time For You NOOBS That Didn't Know What It Stood For). So after a little slot playing and some grub we decided to take a nap so we would be able to watch the ball drop @ Midnight. We went back to the Casino after our nap so I could witness the High Roller in action again and once again The BRAIN got sick to his stomach watching the Harrah's slots devour Malibubarbie41's hard earned money in short time. I knew she was a little bummed so we decided to go back to the room to watch the Ball drop. BIG mistake. We fell asleep and missed the whole damn thing. lol!!!! That's OK though I still got to spend plenty of QT with my baby.

On to Friday & Saturday. Cash Game Poker my friends. $1-$2 No Limit. How friggin' boring. How can people just sit there hour after hour playing on just 1 table? Are you kidding me? By no means am I saying it's beneath me but I am used to playing 10 games at a time which equals roughly 600-700 hands an hour on line as opposed to 25 hands per hour live.......If your lucky. UUGGHH!!! No fear though there is always liquor and the Bad Beat Jackpot of $500K. That's right $500K. I don't want to bore anyone with too many details like the clock being called on me during a $500 decision or a chick getting mad @ me for raising her BB when I had AK, because the question I keep on getting from everyone is "Well how much did you win"? Great question indeed. Let's just say at 1 point I was up to around $1200 and for those of you who know me I would normally walk at that point but I think Jaime Foxx said it best. "BLAME IT ON THE AL-AL-AL-AL-AL-ALCOHOL"!!!!!!!!!!! Damn. So I only net profited roughly $200 on the trip. I'll take a win any day though. So last but not least. Malibubarbie41's net profit. It's always a mystery to me but in my guess-ta-mation she is down @ least $2K. Actually a little more cause I gave her a $1K loan. I'll probably get SMACKED for saying that but "It Is What It Is". lol!!!!

Great trip though and I look forward to going back this February.

Oh almost forgot. Since I am married to a High Rolling Casino Celeb we get the best rooms available to mankind. I took a picture of our bathroom mirror. "Your bathroom mirror you say"? Yes my bathroom mirror. It had a damn TV in it!!! Now that's P.I.M.P. I hope you can see it.

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  1. Really?????????????????? Stop drinking at the tables!!!!! You tell me no drinking and you tell me no chatting at the tables and you do....TISK TISK. Did not take you long to get Jamie Foxx in your blog. You are about 2/3 of the way until the $6.60 level. Aren't you ready to move up a table or two as well? You me "Double Duece" this sunday. Tell the Boss now! Keep up the good work bro!