Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know all you poker players thought I was talking about running good in poker.........but I wasn't. I'm talking about running good in school. I just finished up my first 5 week module with straight A's. That's right straight A's. That's the first time in my life I have had straight A's. I'm pretty confident the reason I never have had straight A's before wasn't that I could not get them I was just too busy playing sports as well as chasing girls. Not necessarily in that order either. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the proof.

The next 5 week module is going to be very difficult. I have Algebra, Medical Law & Ethics and Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart 1.

As far as poker I definitely have not played much at all. I haven't played any 90 mans in over a month. I have however played a handful of the Super Duper 300 Chip Turbo Steps on Full Tilt. Those are very addictive. I think I have something like 6Step 2's and 2 Step 3's right now. I tried out the Rush Poker for the first time last week and just love it so I thought I would challenge myself to start at the $.2-$.5 game and start with $5 and try to turn it into $100. I am currently up $1.95. BIG MONEY BABY!!! This may take a hell of a long time because I only get to play once a week maybe twice if I'm lucky. When I get to the $100 we will take a look at what the next highest limit is and set goals accordingly. Until next time I leave you with this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School & Poker

So this is my first week of the Accelerated Cardiovascular Sonography Program. WOW!! How exhausting and stressful and tonight will only be my third night. You must be kidding me. The program consists of 14 five week modules. Obviously I am in Module 1 which consists of Safety in Health Care Mon/Wed 6PM-7PM & Fridays 8AM-2PM, Biology Mon/Wed 7PM-11PM and a College Mathematics course Tues/Thurs from 6PM-10PM. They only allow 26 students in the program each year which makes it very competitive as well as difficult to get in. Out of the 26 students last year only 8 actually finished. I can already see why. I have had homework every night thus far and I don't forsee that letting up anytime soon. I'm definitely going to give it my all for the next 70 weeks which I hope will fly by with very few bumps in the road.

That brings us to the next question. What about your poker playing? My original plan was to get home from school and start loading the 90 mans up around 11:30PM and stop around 6AM so I could get the boys off to school, then sleep until 3PM when J-Rod gets off the bus and do all my homework then. I'm drawing dead on that plan. There is no way I am going to be able to do that and study at the same time. The program is just too fast paced and requires way too much time for me to be able to play during the week. Monday nights homework which I did yesterday took about 5.5 hours to complete and last nights homework took me 3 hours today. WTF!!!!!! I do hope to be able to play on the weekends and maybe 1 week day. I'm still going to work towards my goal of profiting $2400-$2600 in the $13 90 Mans so I can move up to the $26 just might take me a lot longer now since I won't be playing as much. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Most Profitable Day Ever!!!!

Man it sure felt good playing today.....Not that it doesn't most days that I play but this day was special. I had my most profitable day yet grinding the 90 Mans. Take a look. It felt twice as good because of the fact I have been getting my ASS handed to me this whole month. On a side note Malibubarbie41 came home from work early to watch me play as well as give me a little inspiration.......If you know what I mean. lol!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

WSOP Main Event & March MTT Leaderboard

So tomorrow I plan on playing in the $1.10 Main Event Seat Qualifier Tournament which gives away 5 $12K Packages to the 2010 Main Event. There are already 19,000 players signed up for it. Full Tilt is allowing 100,000 to enter. This should be a pretty long tourney if I can manage to go deep so I plan on mixing in a bunch of 90 Mans along with it.

I will also be playing in March TLB Freeroll. As I mentioned in a previous post I thought I may make it into the top 200 on the Leaderboard last month and get my chance to play with the other 199 BIG Boys on Full Tilt. Well I made it. I came in 186th Place. lol!!! If I can somehow maneuver my way through this SHARK infested field I can ship another $12K Winners Choice Package. Wish me luck on shipping $24K CHEEZEBURGERS!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Student Results & His Goals

So as you know I have started dabbling in the coaching arena. First lucky player......sgthatzo. I started coaching him on March 19th 2010. Prior to March 19th he has only made $1 playing the $3.30 90 Mans. From March 19th Through March 31st he has made $72. Not unbelievable but a definite step in the right direction. If he continues to put forth the effort and dedication he will be crushing the $3.30 90 Mans in no time and be ready to move up to the $6.50's.

Like I said before he is a single Dad of 2 and does not have a bunch of time per month to be playing but I still wanted to set a couple of goals for him.

GOAL #1:
Play 300 $3.30 90 Mans In April

GOAL #2:
Review at least 1 HH before he begins to play each session. Have to warm up the BRAIN like any other muscle right?

GOAL #3:
Send Full Tilt an email every 3rd day about giving him rake back until the day that they do.

GOAL #4:
He is not permitted to tell me any bad beat stories. If he does he has to ship me $25 each time.

And so he will quit crying to me on a daily is sgthatzo's song that he so dearly loves. I know of a few others who love it as well......You know who you are. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

lephantBRAIN March Results

The first graph shows my overall 90
Man results for the month. Second graph is my $12+$1 90 Man Results and the 3rd Graph is my $6.50 90 Man Results for March.

Not too shabby. Definitely need to improve on the $12+$1 90 Mans that for sure. Not sure what April is going to bring for me though. I start school on the 19th from 6PM EST until 11PM EST. If anyone can tell me how fast the $6.50's & $12+$1's load around Midnight don't be shy. Hit me up and let me know. That's probably the only chance I'll get to play.

I still hope to get at least 500 games in a month during school. I know that's not a lot to all the Balla's out there but I need to do what's best for me and the BRAIN household. If everything works like I want it to I will be playing all $24+$2's & $12+$1 90 Mans come May.

I'm gonna grind most of the day tomorrow as well as have a training session with sgthatzo around dinner time. I will try to post his results tomorrow night. If I don't have a Great Easter and I'll be back on Monday.

Almost forgot. Want to give my good friend DaddyO a shout out and wish him the best of luck out in California. He has been giving the Opportunity of Lifetime to go and train with arguably the best on line Poker player in the World Mi_turtle. DaddyO is making a tremendous sacrifice by going to California but, there is no doubt that in the long run this is going to be exactly what will allow him to dominate the on line poker scene and make a very lucrative living for himself and his family. He will also be joined by non other than Bodeye2 & Johnny Hilldo 2 of the games premiere Stars.

Good luck to all of you. Can't wait to see what BIG things you guys are about to accomplish.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malibubarbie41's Birthday

Yesterday was Malibubarbie41's Birthday and this is all you need to know.