Friday, April 2, 2010

lephantBRAIN March Results

The first graph shows my overall 90
Man results for the month. Second graph is my $12+$1 90 Man Results and the 3rd Graph is my $6.50 90 Man Results for March.

Not too shabby. Definitely need to improve on the $12+$1 90 Mans that for sure. Not sure what April is going to bring for me though. I start school on the 19th from 6PM EST until 11PM EST. If anyone can tell me how fast the $6.50's & $12+$1's load around Midnight don't be shy. Hit me up and let me know. That's probably the only chance I'll get to play.

I still hope to get at least 500 games in a month during school. I know that's not a lot to all the Balla's out there but I need to do what's best for me and the BRAIN household. If everything works like I want it to I will be playing all $24+$2's & $12+$1 90 Mans come May.

I'm gonna grind most of the day tomorrow as well as have a training session with sgthatzo around dinner time. I will try to post his results tomorrow night. If I don't have a Great Easter and I'll be back on Monday.

Almost forgot. Want to give my good friend DaddyO a shout out and wish him the best of luck out in California. He has been giving the Opportunity of Lifetime to go and train with arguably the best on line Poker player in the World Mi_turtle. DaddyO is making a tremendous sacrifice by going to California but, there is no doubt that in the long run this is going to be exactly what will allow him to dominate the on line poker scene and make a very lucrative living for himself and his family. He will also be joined by non other than Bodeye2 & Johnny Hilldo 2 of the games premiere Stars.

Good luck to all of you. Can't wait to see what BIG things you guys are about to accomplish.

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