Saturday, February 27, 2010

PapaJim123 & February Results

Sorry I have taken so long to update you all. Malibubarbie41 & The Snake have been sick this last week and have required a lot of maintenance from lephant. lol!!!

First things first. My Dad PapaJim123 was rushed by ambulance yesterday to the Hospital because apparently he turned BLUE and could not breathe, so as soon as I get finished posting this I am heading to Ashtabula to be with him. I need to find out what is wrong. I can never get a straight answer from my Mother MamaBear123, so please say a prayer for him when you guys have a minute. It would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say there will be no poker playing today.

Secondly as most of you know I have moved up to the $6.50 90 Mans exclusively. Here are my results from the month overall.

And also as most of you know I have started working with Bodeye2(the young Swedish PHENOM). Hopefully he will be setting some lofty goals for me in the month of March. We begin working together on February 9th and here are my results since then.

Lastly I will leave you with one of my favorite L.L. Cool J Songs. HEADSPRUNG.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Update

Well since my first 1 on 1 session with Bodeye2 on February 17th here are my results. Yes I know that's not many games at all to base anything on yet.........but I do feel really good about most of the moves I am making on the virtual felt. Definitely just have to get the volume up BIG time.

One last little tid bit. I know we shouldn't ever get fixated on just 1 days results because that really doesn't matter in the long run, but I feel if there is ever anything that can help you get into a more positive and confident mindset then why not do it. That's why I am posting today's results. As you will see I did not get many games in again due to family obligations which I have had many of this week since the 1 on 1 session, but as you family guys know....It just comes with the territory.

Soon this is gonna be my theme song BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Core Poker Study, Showing Of Crib & Night At The Races

I will not be playing any poker today. Yeah you heard me right......No Poker Today!!! I really want to review all of my Hand Histories from the 17th & 18th to see if I have filled any of my many leaks that Bodeye2 has brought to my attention Wednesday morning during our 1 on 1 session as well as run a bunch of hands in Poker Stove to make sure I'm making the right plays so I can get back to the GRIND strong tomorrow afternoon.. Also a Realtor will be showing our house today from 11AM-12PM so that kind of disrupts the Poker schedule.

The BRAIN household is also looking to move into what Malibubarbie41 likes to call the "Bomb-Diggity". Guess I'm going to need to get MUCH MUCH better @ Poker to afford this Palace.

Tonight Malibubarbie41 and myself will be going to Night At The Races with some friends of ours. What I do know about tonight is that this is a fund raiser for the Twinsburg Fire Department. I also know we will be betting on Horse Races that I believe have already happened???? Well that's interesting. Maybe I should do a little research on past horse race results so I can have an unfair +EV advantage tonight. Good idea right?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Iron Man Year End Bonus

For those of you that play on Full Tilt I hope you cleared your Iron Man Year End Bonus. I cleared mine last Monday. It was only for $125 but I'll take it.......especially when I keep losing my ASS on the virtual felt. The $125 will give me approximately 19 more buy ins on the $6.50 90 mans. But after the 200 buy ins I'm already down that barely makes a dent. lol!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day, Weight Gain & Poker

As you all know this Sunday is Valentine's Day. Don't know what your plans are but I know Malibubarbie41 and I are going to the movies to see the BIG smash hit CHICK FLICK Valentine's Day!!! I'm thinking the only good thing about this movie is going to be that Jamie Foxx is in it. I can tell you this though, the extracurricular activities that will be happening @ the BRAIN household after the CHICK FLICK will be much more entertaining then the movie that's for sure. lol!!!

Weight Gain. WOW. I had to go to my Family Doctor(who by the way is very liked in the BRAIN household) for a 3 month follow up and are you kidding me? I gained 10 pounds!! What!!! Something must have been wrong with their scale. As soon as the Doctor came into the room to see me the first thing he said to me was "Boy the holidays must have been good to you". What a DICK!!!

Poker: Well I had my first group review with Bodeye2 on Tuesday and it was of 1 of my Hand Histories in which I came in 1st Place in a $6.50 90 Man KO Tourney, which is always a good thing. After we all went through it boy did I feel like a rank amateur because of all the spots I missed and or messed up on. It goes to show you even though you may win 1 tournament that doesn't necessarily mean you played all that well. Anyway I am having my first 1 on 1 session with Bodeye2 tomorrow morning @ 9:30AM EST. This is where the magic is gonna happen. I remember earlier this week Bodeye telling me I should be playing 1000 games a month. UUGGHH!!!! That's definitely not going to happen at least not in February. As of today I am at 243 games played for the month and I know either next weekend or the one after Malibubarbie41 and I are going to Atlantic City for a long weekend. Can't wait for that. Until next time have a great Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poker Training Officially Begins Today

It's finally here!!! The BIG news I have been mentioning is set. I will begin my training with 1 of the BEST & BRIGHTEST young on-line pros

I'm super pumped to have the privilege of working with such a phenomenal player as well as such a nice guy. Or should I say kid. He's only 19 years old but is a BEAST on the virtual felt.........Until he gets me up to speed that is. ll!!! Then he needs to watch out for lephantBRAIN!!! My first session with him is today @ 4PM. Can't wait to hear how his thought process differs from mine. I'm sure like night and day though.

I will keep everyone posted how my progress is going roughly once every 2 weeks or as need be. The goal is to make $100K this year. Yeah you heard me right.........$100K. Probably less because we are starting late and more than likely I will be starting school mid April. It's all good though. I'm sure we will figure something out. So keep your eyes and ears open for the BRAIN TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Party Was A SMASH Hit!!!

Yesterday we celebrated J-Rod's 11th Birthday. He had a sleep over for 5 of his closest friends. This is the 3rd year in a row Malibubarbie41 & I have done this for him. The past 2 years have gone off without a hitch......this year "Not So Much". Apparently they re-inacted the classic Monday Night Football Performance from 1987 of Bo Jackson running over Brian Bosworth. The part of Bo Jackson - played by J-Rod and the part of Brian Bosworth - played by THE WALL. My FRIGGIN BASEMENT Wall!!!!

Well it's pretty safe to say that when his friends go home Malibubarbie41 is gonna lay the SMACK DOWN on J-Rod....."If You Smeeeeeeeeeell What The BU is COOKIN'"!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Waitress Alyssa

Sorry for not putting a pic up of our new Rockne's waitress Alyssa. By no means is she a HOTTIE but she always has an upbeat attitude & a BIG smile on her face. OH. I almost forgot. She has lots of J-U-N-K as well. Maybe she'll let me get a picture of it next week. More importantly though Alyssa always has my Vanilla Vodka & Diet Dr. Pepper ready for me when I walk in. Malibubarbie41 is very fond of her as well because Alyssa conveniently forgets every week to charge us for all of our alcoholic beverages which makes Barbie real happy. Good work Alyssa. Much appreciated.

On the Poker front Mi_turtle hit me up now its time for Mr. Bodeye2 to do the same. It's almost time to make it rain baby!!!!

I had a request the other day from my good friend yomama1970 to put more music up on my blog. OK son. This is for you. I know you like Fergie Ferg!!! Here you GO!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bark Stop & Tuesday Night @ Rocknes

Finally our damn Bark Stop came today. You are probably wondering what the hell a Bark Stop is right? It's exactly what you think it is. It's a professional ultrasonic dog trainer that helps stop your little yappers from yapping all the damn time. Thank you Viatek for making such a wonderful device.

Now as you may or may not know Tuesday night is Rocknes Night out for the BRAIN household. You also probably know our old server Tony decided to get a real job @ the Justice Center so we are in need of a good server desperately and I think we have found her. She has waited on us every Tuesday since Tony's departure and her name is Alyssa. Not sure if I spelled it right or not but I will check tonight. I'm also gonna see if she will let me get a picture of her so I can post it for everyone to see, even the Lesbins that may be reading this. What's a Lesbin you ask? Great question. Well I'm not really sure how the topic came up about girls liking other girls but the Snake(8 year old son) said "Oh yeah I know all about those people. They are called Lesbin's". lol!!! ROFL!!! He thought Lesbians were called Lesbins. That was one of the funniest things I have heard in a really long time but I guess you just had to be there.

Also special shout outs to my good friend as well as on-line Poker Pro Jotagran49. Probably the hottest MTT player going right now. This guy has shipped soooo many damn CHEEZEBURGERS he needs to start his own chain of McDonald's. This guy has already profited over $64K........And that was just in January. So SICK!!! Great work bro. Don't forget to let me know when we are celebrating your success.

Lastly I am still waiting for another well known on-line Poker Pro to holla at me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Great News..........Nope

Well as far as the $1.5 Million Guarantee goes there were no CHEEZEBURGERS coming my way. 1st place paid out a whopping $250K. Damn!!! Couldn't really get much going the whole tourney. I was just picking and choosing my spots as best as I could and ended up 576th out of the 7,578 runners that were in it. Last hand I played in it I ran my TT into the JJ of the overwhelming chip leader. gg. I still don't have official word about my BIG poker news. As soon as I do you will.