Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day, Weight Gain & Poker

As you all know this Sunday is Valentine's Day. Don't know what your plans are but I know Malibubarbie41 and I are going to the movies to see the BIG smash hit CHICK FLICK Valentine's Day!!! I'm thinking the only good thing about this movie is going to be that Jamie Foxx is in it. I can tell you this though, the extracurricular activities that will be happening @ the BRAIN household after the CHICK FLICK will be much more entertaining then the movie that's for sure. lol!!!

Weight Gain. WOW. I had to go to my Family Doctor(who by the way is very liked in the BRAIN household) for a 3 month follow up and are you kidding me? I gained 10 pounds!! What!!! Something must have been wrong with their scale. As soon as the Doctor came into the room to see me the first thing he said to me was "Boy the holidays must have been good to you". What a DICK!!!

Poker: Well I had my first group review with Bodeye2 on Tuesday and it was of 1 of my Hand Histories in which I came in 1st Place in a $6.50 90 Man KO Tourney, which is always a good thing. After we all went through it boy did I feel like a rank amateur because of all the spots I missed and or messed up on. It goes to show you even though you may win 1 tournament that doesn't necessarily mean you played all that well. Anyway I am having my first 1 on 1 session with Bodeye2 tomorrow morning @ 9:30AM EST. This is where the magic is gonna happen. I remember earlier this week Bodeye telling me I should be playing 1000 games a month. UUGGHH!!!! That's definitely not going to happen at least not in February. As of today I am at 243 games played for the month and I know either next weekend or the one after Malibubarbie41 and I are going to Atlantic City for a long weekend. Can't wait for that. Until next time have a great Valentine's Day.

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