Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Waitress Alyssa

Sorry for not putting a pic up of our new Rockne's waitress Alyssa. By no means is she a HOTTIE but she always has an upbeat attitude & a BIG smile on her face. OH. I almost forgot. She has lots of J-U-N-K as well. Maybe she'll let me get a picture of it next week. More importantly though Alyssa always has my Vanilla Vodka & Diet Dr. Pepper ready for me when I walk in. Malibubarbie41 is very fond of her as well because Alyssa conveniently forgets every week to charge us for all of our alcoholic beverages which makes Barbie real happy. Good work Alyssa. Much appreciated.

On the Poker front Mi_turtle hit me up now its time for Mr. Bodeye2 to do the same. It's almost time to make it rain baby!!!!

I had a request the other day from my good friend yomama1970 to put more music up on my blog. OK son. This is for you. I know you like Fergie Ferg!!! Here you GO!!!

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