Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Core Poker Study, Showing Of Crib & Night At The Races

I will not be playing any poker today. Yeah you heard me right......No Poker Today!!! I really want to review all of my Hand Histories from the 17th & 18th to see if I have filled any of my many leaks that Bodeye2 has brought to my attention Wednesday morning during our 1 on 1 session as well as run a bunch of hands in Poker Stove to make sure I'm making the right plays so I can get back to the GRIND strong tomorrow afternoon.. Also a Realtor will be showing our house today from 11AM-12PM so that kind of disrupts the Poker schedule.

The BRAIN household is also looking to move into what Malibubarbie41 likes to call the "Bomb-Diggity". Guess I'm going to need to get MUCH MUCH better @ Poker to afford this Palace.

Tonight Malibubarbie41 and myself will be going to Night At The Races with some friends of ours. What I do know about tonight is that this is a fund raiser for the Twinsburg Fire Department. I also know we will be betting on Horse Races that I believe have already happened???? Well that's interesting. Maybe I should do a little research on past horse race results so I can have an unfair +EV advantage tonight. Good idea right?

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  1. That is great that you are helping the fire Dept. I too am a Firefighter.