Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know all you poker players thought I was talking about running good in poker.........but I wasn't. I'm talking about running good in school. I just finished up my first 5 week module with straight A's. That's right straight A's. That's the first time in my life I have had straight A's. I'm pretty confident the reason I never have had straight A's before wasn't that I could not get them I was just too busy playing sports as well as chasing girls. Not necessarily in that order either. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the proof.

The next 5 week module is going to be very difficult. I have Algebra, Medical Law & Ethics and Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart 1.

As far as poker I definitely have not played much at all. I haven't played any 90 mans in over a month. I have however played a handful of the Super Duper 300 Chip Turbo Steps on Full Tilt. Those are very addictive. I think I have something like 6Step 2's and 2 Step 3's right now. I tried out the Rush Poker for the first time last week and just love it so I thought I would challenge myself to start at the $.2-$.5 game and start with $5 and try to turn it into $100. I am currently up $1.95. BIG MONEY BABY!!! This may take a hell of a long time because I only get to play once a week maybe twice if I'm lucky. When I get to the $100 we will take a look at what the next highest limit is and set goals accordingly. Until next time I leave you with this.