Saturday, April 3, 2010

Student Results & His Goals

So as you know I have started dabbling in the coaching arena. First lucky player......sgthatzo. I started coaching him on March 19th 2010. Prior to March 19th he has only made $1 playing the $3.30 90 Mans. From March 19th Through March 31st he has made $72. Not unbelievable but a definite step in the right direction. If he continues to put forth the effort and dedication he will be crushing the $3.30 90 Mans in no time and be ready to move up to the $6.50's.

Like I said before he is a single Dad of 2 and does not have a bunch of time per month to be playing but I still wanted to set a couple of goals for him.

GOAL #1:
Play 300 $3.30 90 Mans In April

GOAL #2:
Review at least 1 HH before he begins to play each session. Have to warm up the BRAIN like any other muscle right?

GOAL #3:
Send Full Tilt an email every 3rd day about giving him rake back until the day that they do.

GOAL #4:
He is not permitted to tell me any bad beat stories. If he does he has to ship me $25 each time.

And so he will quit crying to me on a daily is sgthatzo's song that he so dearly loves. I know of a few others who love it as well......You know who you are. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. might i suggest checking out I didn't have rakeback for the longest time, and got it just about a month or so ago not long after I contacted them. There is a spot on there to apply for it even with an existing FT account.