Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update On My Goals As Of 1-10-2010

Ok as stated in a previous post I need to profit $600-$650 in the $3.30 90 Man SNG MTT's on Full Tilt before I can move up to the $6.50 90 Mans and be properly bankrolled for them. I guess you can say it was a fairly light week for me as far as games played goes pretty much due to the recoop time I needed from our A.C trip over the New Year's weekend. It definitely took it's toll on me physically. Also not playing on line poker for 4 days during that trip was a BIG change to my routine. So I kind of wanted to ease my way back into playing again this week. I only played 129 games. That means I spent $425.70 on these tournaments alone this week and that's not including all the Head's Up Tourneys I played as well. So here is my recent Shark Scope graph. Expect BIGGER numbers from me next week. Hold on. Since I have been hearing GRIPES that these graphs are too small and they are hard to see, I just wanted to tell all of my millions of followers to just click on the damn thing to make it BIGGER. lol!!!

Oh. One last thing. Here is probably one of my favorite songs right now primarily for 2 reasons. 1) I love Rap music and 2) BIG Money is what I expect from Poker this year folks.


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