Sunday, January 31, 2010

$1.5 Million Guarantee

So last night Malibubarbie41 played in one of those Super Duper Turbo Satellites that only start you with 300 chips to win a seat into the $1.5 Million Guarantee tonight. There were approximately 63 runners and it gave the top 7 an entry into the BIG DANCE. BINK!!!!! Can you believe she won an entry? I can. She is the biggest luck box I have ever seen. I mean she landed me right? lol!!!!! Anyway she decided to let the BRAIN play in it tonight so she unregistered from the tourney and shipped me the $216 for a shot @ riches. So be on the look out lephantBRAIN and if you happen to be in a hand with him you are with no doubt "DRAWING DEAD". Hopefully I will have some GREAT news for everyone tomorrow.

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