Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're Moving On Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a late start playing today because of our weekly cleaning service that comes dressed in French Maid outfits. Very distracting, if you know what I mean, so I decided to just admire the view today and wait until they left. lol!!!

Yes!!! Finally I have completed task 1 of my poker goals. As stated in previous posts I needed to profit anywhere between $600-$650 in the $3.30 90 Man SNG MTT's on Full Tilt. Well today was the day it happened. I only played 23 tourneys but managed to make 6 Final Tables. I ran really bad at the Final Tables though. I got 1-9th Place, 1-7th Place, 1-6th Place, 1-5th Place, 1-3rd Place and the last tournament I played......You guessed it. Ship the CHEEZEBURGERS!!!!! 1st Place BABY!!!! This means on to task 2 of my goals starting tomorrow. I now need to profit anywhere between $1200-$1300 in the $6.50 90 Man SNG MTT's. I'm gonna have to get my mind right though. I'm gonna have to prepare myself for bigger upswings as well as bigger downswings(which always SUCK). I just need to stay focused and always remember that I am a winning player and no matter how many bad beats I may take, the $$$ will end up in my account. Here is my graph of the $3.30 90 Mans showing everyone that task 1 is indeed complete as well as a little mood music. Enjoy!!!.

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