Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Standuuuured Tuesday Night

Every Tuesday night for the BRAIN household is Rocknes night out. This all came about because Jarrod(A.K.A. J-Rod, A.K.A Worm) my 10 year old step son told his Mommy this is just what we have to do every Tuesday night MOM whether you like it or not. How could Malibubarbie41 every say NO to that? lol!!!

After a lovely Chicken Dipper Dinner with Fries and Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing and 2 Vanilla Vodka Diet Dr. Peppers the BRAIN clan got some upsetting news. Our server Tony who has always waited on us just got hired on @ the Justice Center. I guess this is good for him but what about Me, Barbie and the kids? After all we are the ones who probably put him through College with our very generous 30% tips and this is the thanks we get.

With no luck at all Barbie and I tried & tried to hire him on as our Live In Full Time Chef, Bartender and Waiter. Finally after an hour of haggling with him we decided to just let him go out into the "Real World" and make something of himself. So long Tony we're gonna miss you.


  1. There is something really wrong with you! But, I still love you

  2. Something implies just 1 thing where we both know there are multiple things wrong with me.