Friday, January 22, 2010

Running Bad!!!

First things first.
Online Poker

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Well since starting task 2 of my goals(which is to profit anywhere between $1200-$1300 on the $6.50 90 Man KO tourneys) I have lost my ASS thus far. I haven't Shark Scoped myself yet but believe me it's not good and I just can't stomach looking at my graph right now. I will post an update on task 2 this Sunday with Shark Scope graphs. As of right now 1 out of every 6-7 games I play I'm making a Final Table(which is normally pretty good) but just can't seem to finish strong. I'm not gonna be able to achieve my goals with a bunch of 6th & 7th places that's for sure. It would just suck if I lost the original $600 I won on the $3.30 90 Mans and had to start all over with those again right? To ensure this doesn't happen I have already reached out to 1 of the best 90 man players in the world to assist me. His name will remain anonymous for now.

Anyway this video you are about to watch is my first one so bare with me, it's a little rough. I'm going over 2 separate hands I played from 2 separate Final Tables today. I just really wanted to drive home the point that whether you are running really good or piss poor like I am, under no circumstances must you TILT. Just look back at your hand histories and make sure you got your money in with the best hand as well as see if maybe you could have played the hand any differently.

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