Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day & A Little Poker

Are you kidding me? A SNOW DAY!!!! Really? UUGGHH!!! J-Rod & the SNAKE(My 8 year old step son)both said 10 Hail Mary's & 10 Our Fathers last night in hopes that they would have a snow day today. All I can say to those of you that don't believe in prayer is "Wake Up and Smell The Coffee" cause it really does work.

So the SNAKE & Oreo(1 of our 2 Mini Wiener dog's) went to work with Malibubarbie41 today and J-Rod & Carmella(A.K.A. Mella Baby) stayed home with me. Mella Baby is sad that her brother abandoned her today as evident to me in this picture.

Just so the SNAKE doesn't feel left out here is a picture of him and Oreo.

As far as poker goes today I just hammered out 22 games. I made 5 Final Tables with 1-9th Place, 1-7th Place, 1-3rd Place, 1-2nd Place & Ship the CHEEZEBURGERS....1-1st Place Baby!!! Here is the graph.

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