Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Day....Considering

First of all this is my first blog posting ever so don't be alarmed if I am not grammatically correct. lol!!! I'm a bit under the weather today. Seems to be a head cold. Hopefully my beautiful wife will take care of me and nurse me back to health because we have a BIG trip planned to Atlantic City for the New Year.

Let me start by saying me and one of my close poker buddies and friend sgthatzo(Full Tilt username) set some goals for ourselves at the end of November. We are both just going to start out by playing the $3.30 90 Man SNG MTT's on Full Tilt. In order for us to be able to move up in stakes we need to profit anywhere from $600-$650 in these. That would give us approximately 100 buy in's for the next level 90 mans. Once we accomplish this(which by the way is not going very well for Daddy J) we can move up to the $6.50 90 Man SNG MTT's. Once we profit $1200-$1300 on those we can jump up to the $12 + $1 90 Mans, and so on and so forth until we eventually are both playing in the $48 + $4 90 Mans which by the way if you ship one of those you make a cool $1,152!!! Now some of you may be saying why are you only playing a $3 tourney, why wouldn't you play in the higher limit ones? Good question. I am actually bankrolled for the bigger games but not quite sure I am ready for them. Since I do not play poker professionally(at least not until I win a W.S.O.P. Bracelet) I figured I might as well stick with my goals I set and see if I can accomplish them right? On a typical day I probably only play between 20-30 90 Man Tourney's. Today I actually got in 19 because I just wasn't feeling very well. I managed to make 2 FT's and shipped them both for a net profit of $92 on the day says SharkScope. I'm gonna see if I can post a picture on here of the days results. When I get back from Atlantic City I will give you an update on how things went for the both of us(Samantha & I) as well as an updated Sharkscope of my results since starting this little venture.



  1. After my hot streak I have been going STRAIGHT down! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Yeah but you are still crushing the games overall. There's always tonight bro.

  3. the total package is on line!!!!!!!!!!!!