Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hollywood Casino & Training

So tomorrow Malibubarbie41 & I are going to Hollywood Casino in Indiana until Wednesday. She is going on business and so am I. Her business is Therapy and my business is shipping BURGERS!!! She has like 8 nursing homes in Cincinnati that she provides Therapy for, so once a month she needs to get out there and crack the whip on her employees. You know what they say.......When the Cats away the Mice will play.

I think we came to an agreement that any and all profits I make from live poker this year will go towards our trip around the world. Pretty cool right? We shall see.

As far as training goes with sgthatzo it couldn't be going better. He just after our first 2 sessions has learned soooo much it scares me to think where he will be in a couple months if he sticks with it. I have made some goals for him for April but will not post them until I get back Wednesday. I will also post his results as well as a special song that he requested. lol!!! I will also post my results for the month on Wednesday or Thursday.

Something that is fairly new to me is being ranked on the Full Tilt MTT Leaderboard. If by the end of each month you are ranked in the top 200 on it you are entered into a $12K Freeroll Tournament with the other 199 best MTT players on Full Tilt. I am currently ranked something like 156th on it but am a little nervous because I will not be playing on line at all Tuesday or Wednesday and those are the last 2 days of the month. Hopefully tomorrow is a HUGE day for me so I won't have a sweat on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have to go pack now but I will update everyone when I get back on Wednesday. gl

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